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Hello! My name is Jeanne. They say it's a french name, but I think that's true. I really find my name so kewl (cool) LOL! I'm a Filipina, and it's pretty obvious where my country is. I'm from the beautiful country, the Philippines. I'm 19 years old. I'm a funny and witty person. I talk a lot that means I'm talkative. Haha! I'm friendly, actually I make friends to everyone I've met and that really fun. I love to eat, read, laugh, shop, bake, cook, sleep and watch tv. I dream of becoming a very successful woman with a wonderful family in my side and a very thoughtful and loving husband. That's what I want someday when I'm old. <3

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This blog is about what a girl like me wants and likes to have. I blog whatever is fancy, glamourous, beautiful, cute and all about FAHION. And whatever I'm trying to express. I try to make all of you see through these posts what I feel, what I dream or wish to feel and to have. <3
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